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The Challenge

The iOT Group was weeks away from launching their new drone, ROVA, to retailers internationally. They needed to:

  • Create the drone app for Android & iOS from scratch
  • Redesign the website for ecommerce.


The Result

As the UX lead and creative director in collaboration with Sidebench – we delivered the redesigned experience for the app in 2 days and the website in 1 week.


Product management, UX Wireframes, User Testing, UI Design, & Interactive Prototyping

The soon-to-be-released upgraded flight interface has had a very positive response from our test users, who say that the app design is clean and simple. They find it easy to use and understand.

Alex Shapilsky

Head of Technology at the IOT Group

Understand & Define

ROVA’s target market was modern tech and selfie lovers, but even nondrone enthusiasts should be able to learn how to use the app easily.

We were handed 3 advanced prototypes of ROVA and its bare-bones app developed by hardware manufacturers in China.

After delegating out the taskflows, I set out to define the main controller experience, Kyleigh started on onboarding instructions, and Geoff began developing the visual design.


I drew inspiration from the few competitiors on the market – and found that most catered towards a militiristic style and had distracting elements that obscured the view.

My focus was on these principles:

  • Give the user complete focus when flying
  • Only use visual alerts for crucial, time-sensitive actions
  • Simplify and condense the UI to remove distractions
  • Test out the thumb actions on every screen

Competitor Analysis

Prototype & Test

In 2 days, we completely overhauled the UX and UI for the app.

In 1 week, we designed the responsive ecommerce web experience.


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