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The Challenge

nOCD helps mental health patients easily approach therapy exercises in an app.

At first, the startup approached us to work on their onboarding.

We soon realized that an overhaul of the UX was needed to achieve their goal of making mental health management easy.

My Role

As the lead product designer at Sidebench, I lead ideation sessions with the founder, users, and our design team.

Fundamentally, we wanted to make mental health more approachable by addressing:

  • how alone users felt
  • gamifying the therapy exercises
  • motivating users by showing progres

Working with a Project Manager, I oversaw our team of a UI Designer, a UX Product Designer, and the client team.

The Solution

One solution we tested was the inclusion of a nOCD Mascot, making the app feel more safe for users.

After preliminary A/B testing the UX changes with and without a mascot, data pointed positively for “Bob” & “Bobbette”.

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