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The Challenge

Got Your 6 wanted to launch a new platform called “Veterans Showcase” to highlight the positive impact veterans have on the community.

In a 24 hour hackathon, our team built a working public website that allowed the administrator to post from automatically-populated, keyword-filtered content from more than 30 partner websites.


My Role

As one of the two UX Designers, I took an active role in:

  • gathering requirements
  • facilitating ideation and timeline
  • designing the high-fidelity mockups
  • and pitching our project to the panel of judges

From top right to left, the “A Team” included our client Laura, Paul Kim (Dev), Eric Sung (UX), Alexandra Sos (Dev), Melanie Plaza (Dev), and myself.

Understand & Define

With a loose design brief to start, we quickly put together questions we had for our client – focusing on uncovering the pains of the users.

From asking about daily tasks, our team discovered that our Laura and her team were spending days searching and sifting for the right content. This was an important pain that we decided to focus on.

We had to figure out a way to 1) automatically pull content from other sources according to a 2) filter of tags and keywords, optimized for the best content that are relevant and interesting.

Once they could get a feed of relevant content, the client should be able to 3) pick which content to post onto the 4) public site – content which the public would be able to 5) filter from and share.


After I debriefed the team on requirements, our developers got started on setting up the back-end database and connecting to APIs from 30 partner websites

On the UX front, we split up researching popular content platforms to inform the design. And started on exploratory exercises: Card Sort to determine MVP, Design Studio sketching, and synthesization of our concepts.

Through several rounds of design studio, we had a key user , Laura, sketch with us.

Prototype & Test

Eric translate our sketches into wireframes with Adobe Fireworks while I gathered assets for the high-fidelity version and prepared our pitch.

Our developers understood the wireframes and workflow quickly.

During the user tests, we observed that the curation workload was effectively reduced by 90%!

(Wireframes of the administrator’s view: 1) Editing the Content Filter, 2) Scheduling Posts from Curated Content, 3) Content Feed)


Once I photoshopped the mockup of the prototype, I live-tweaked the front-end with Paul and Melanie.

All members were on-deck to support the launch of the website.

Next Steps?

We would love to evolve the working prototype’s design and functionalities to ensure that Laura and her team can spend less time behind the screen, and more time engaging the veteran community face-to-face.

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