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The Challenge

Sony’s reboot of the beloved franchise is not an easy task. They wanted to launch the 2016 movie with a Virtual Reality experience like no other – users would get to play as a ghostbuster candidate!

My Role

For this pivatol project at Sidebench, I was tasked with UX usability of:

  • navigation
  • menu design
  • out-of-game menus

I worked with a Project Manager, 1 UI Designer, and Sony’s own creative team to bring the VR experience to life.


It was crucial that while we stuck to the look and feel of the franchise, that the user was able to:

  • understand how to do commands
  • read menu options clearly
  • quickly navigate around out-of-game options

Target persona

Sony wanted to appeal to the mass market who had:

  • little experience with VR
  • glancing familiarity with the franchise
  • wanted to relive the nostalgia but still relate to the reboot

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